Susan Mutsaers

Growing empathy through larp

Susan Mutsaers, 27 years old, has her own company through which she support and create stories that matter. Her motivation to give a TEDxBreda Talk: ‘’Giving a TEDx Talk has been a dream come true. The fact that I get a chance to talk about something that I truly care about and possibly changing some of the views people have of the subject is very important to me. It gives me a chance to show another side of a topic than mainstream media tries to impose on us’’. We don’t want to reveal too much, but after her Talk you will get excited to take a walk in another one’s shoes!


Gijs Bosman

Water to fix the climate

Gijs Bosman is 38 years old and lives in Rotterdam. In his childhood he was fascinated about the storm surge barrier in the Eastern Scheldt (Oosterscheldekering). Maybe that is why he is so passionate about the world’s water issues and climate control. We asked him why he wants to give a TEDx Talk. Gijs answered: “It’s about bringing hope and a positive look on one of the biggest problems in the world today, that is inspiring!”. We want to hear more! After this Talk you will probably see the dessert very differently 😉


Ritzo ten Cate

Photos telephone zombies

Ritzo ten Cate – all the way from Groningen – will give an inspiring Talk supported by mind blowing photos. In real life Ritzo is a meeting designer, social engineer and photographer. Ritzo took hundreds of photos of people using smartphones, maybe you saw his work in the national and international media. With his Talk he wants to invite more people to join his quest. What this quest is about? Something with the daily stimuli around you and about (re)connecting with yourself and others. Come and hear it!


Nic Reus

How we can see what you are seeing (when you have cataract)

Nic Reus is an ophthalmologist (difficult word for eye-doctor) at Amphia Hospital in Breda. Eyes are his passion and job. After this Talk you may see the world through different eyes. We asked him what TED means to him. Nic says; ‘’TED is a platform that allows people from all over the planet to share their great ideas and inspire others”. And now it’s his turn! We are excited to hear (and see) his TEDxBreda Talk!


José De Giorgio – Schoorl

Human – nonhuman relationship dynamics

José De Giorgio – Schoorl lives with a family of eight horses, three dogs and a cat in Italy. She is founder of the Learning Animals Institute of Ethics, Ethology and Animality studies and wrote a range of academic articles about animal ethics and the possibilities to evolve in our human coexistence with other animals.
With her TEDxBreda Talk José gives you an opportunity to look at animals in a different way, whether animals you live with, or any other animal one might encounter. We are intrigued!