Let’s start teaching love | Volkan Tasdan | TEDxBreda

Volkan Tasdan is a teacher who sees a problem within the current teaching methods… Too much focus on behaving properly and not enough openess for the students’ likes and dislikes. Putting yourself in their shoes and humorously engaging with ‘wrong’ behavior, is what he means with a loving approach to teaching.His unorthodox ways of dealing […]

Medical mystery revealed | Wim Hof | TEDxBreda

Wim Hof is a person who has broken a lot of world-records by confronting his body with extreme low temperatures. He was even submerged into ice on the TEDxAmsterdam stage in 2010. He was a medical mystery, but not anymore. His body and technique became a subject for scientific research. In this talk he shares […]

A taste of surfing | Ron Geertse | TEDxBreda

Ron, surfaced in 1970, is a father of a son and he is a surfdude.He is educated in graphic design and worked in the Dutch Airforce for 20 years. Now he has his own business and he’s doin’ things he really loves to do. Besides riding a surfboards, he helps other people with his skills […]

Helping people with creativity | Esther van der Ham | TEDxBreda

In this talk Esther inspires her with her lovely and hands-on projects for refugee children: children books and art work. She figured that refugee camps needed education and smiles and by making colorful children books she gave them both. Esther is Bredase eigenaar van Droomvallei Uitgeverij. Ze schrijft en illustreert creatieve en positieve kinderboeken. Deze […]

In search for a new we | Manuela Kalsky | TEDxBreda

This TEDx Talk is about a new culture, a specific idea of how to connect the differences between people in order to connect individuals. This is what Manuela Kalsky calls the “WE-culture”. Manuela Kalsky was born and bred in Germany and started her studies in theology at Marburg University. At the age of 23 she […]