How postponing can turn you into a modern day Marco-Polo

Door Stephane Kaase
op 8 juli 2015 om 2:43

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How postponing can turn you into a modern day Marco-Polo

The web is the worst enemy of our to-do-lists. Of course, if you want to accomplish something in life it’s better not to linger on the Internet for hours. But how wrong is some good old procrastination really? Sometimes, when deadlines aren’t too close, when you have a little break, you can surf the wonders of the web and let go. Your curiosity can take you to wonderful places. There’s a world full of stories and fascinating little gems waiting for you, and all you have to do is sit in your chair to explore it. Take a leap into the unknown and become Marco Polo! You won’t regret it.

Stephane Kaase

Stephane Kaas (1984) is a Dutch independent filmmaker. He makes short documentaries, short fiction, music videos and commercials and won a few prizes. He believes you don’t always need millions of euros to make films: his most successful short films were made with a budget of no more than four euros (in this case the cost of an essential detail: a hamburger). He believes that if an idea is strong enough the rest will be much easier.

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