Why learning is broken and how to fix it | Loren Roosendaal | TEDxBreda

Door Dana Leahu
op 1 februari 2017 om 8:52

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Finally someone is breaking-down the science behind how we learn while effectively saving lives.

Loren Roosendaal uses know-how and technology from the games industry to solve serious problems, founding several companies that apply the power of games to help people train and learn. His unique game-like learning experiences help save the lives of rescue crews, soldiers and security personnel and allow multinationals to get tens of thousands of employees learning just for the fun of it.

Find out why the way we deal with learning today is fundamentally broken and how we can fix that issue by adopting a new perspective. Knowingo+ , a revolutionary new platform, proves that by honoring the four fundamental pillars of learning and using the secrets of the game industry we can learn just about anything and remember it until the day we need it!

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