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Our last main event was on November 4, 2021.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Alexandre Meurisse

Alexandre Meurisse

Space resources for sustainable space exploration Alexandre is a Researcher at the European Space Agency. His research is focused on sustainable space exploration, making use of the resources available in space, starting with the Moon’s. In his talk, Alexandre not only shares recent scientific developments about additive manufacturing and extracting oxygen out of lunar soil, he will also show the audience how these developments for space exploration will inspire new generations and be beneficial on Earth.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Eva Wentink

Eva Wentink

Toilet offers your daily health check, including a dietary advice Eva is a principal scientist at an R&D company that uses chip and digital technologies to develop solutions for a healthy planet and a sustainable society. What if you could improve your health by feedback from your toilet? Many diseases are reliant on what you eat and drink. Diabetes for instance, but also cardiovascular and chronic lung diseases. Measuring what we consume is already a challenge, but measuring what comes out might be just as- if not insightful. Therefore, Eva sets out to see how we can use state of the art technology to measure a number of indicators when you sit down on the toilet.

We all visit the bathroom, so it’s easy and it would reduce the need for complicated measurements and wearables. What could we determine from that bathroom visit about our health? In her Talk, Eva will present how sensor technology can make our toilet smart – and how personalized data can result in your personal at home doctor and food advisor all in one.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Tim Sweere

Tim Sweere

A brief history of the Earth – lessons for the future Tim is a geochemist and palaeoceanographer. He is currently doing post-doctoral research at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. In his TEDx Talk, Tim will show that while the ongoing changes to the Earth’s environment are unprecedented in the relatively short history of humankind, Earth’s history can help us make sense of our current conditions. By highlighting a few key events in the long (>4.5 billion year) but turbulent history of the Earth, he will offer us historical perspective to our current living conditions and the ongoing environmental change.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Erwin Meinders

Erwin Meinders

Can we tell through technology how Patrick, who is intellectually disabled, feels and what makes him happy? As a volunteer of a care organization Erwin learned that people with limited verbal communication capabilities, like people with a severe intellectual disability or dementia, are often not capable of expressing their emotions. This leaves these vulnerable people in many cases misunderstood and not always adequately helped. Erwin founded a company to develop a wearable that helps us to better understand emotions, feelings and unmet needs via sensor-technology and data science.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Luuk van de Ven-Emily Salvia

Luuk van de Ven / Emily Salvia

Trigger warning: this message contains content about sexual violence Luuk just finished the study Film, Photography and The Digital at the Art School of Breda. They are an entrepreneur and drag performer. As a child Luuk had problems showing their vulnerable side. But when they created their drag persona Emily Salvia, they discovered that this vulnerability can be their biggest strength. Now they want to inspire others and break gender norms through art. As a child Luuk was raped by somebody they saw as a friend. In their search for someone to relate to, they found no one. That’s why during their Talk Luuk breaks with the taboo and aims at offering similar others someone to relate to.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Erik van Haren

Erik van Haren

Mathjoy, the awareness mindset Erik is a math teacher, the founder of Mathplay, but most of all a math psychologist. Most people think of math as a rational science. They believe that you’re either good at it or not. However, according to Erik it’s much more than that. Maths is a mindset, a passion for learning and growing. In applying mathjoy at schools, our youth will develop confidence, curiosity and creativity. For this, a focus on courage, accountability and awareness is essential. As a result they will become balanced and positive adults.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Berran Tuncer

Berran Tuncer

Let your inner child be your guide! Berran is a former English teacher. Now she’s an entrepreneur. She worked with children and teenagers in Istanbul for 15 years when she moved to the Netherlands with her family. Growing up in a very conservative family where there was no room for freedom, she had hard times to express her true self. She avoided her authentic features unwillingly, which led to isolation and loneliness. She managed to break these mindset boundaries with the help of books and her little brother, who was suffering from severe down syndrome. Berran is a great example of how staying true to your authentic self will guide you to a freedom mindset. “Ours is a very happy world” is her life motto. She is here to show us how letting out our inner child can help us find new horizons.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Tijmen Wisman

Tijmen Wisman

Defending human rights in the shadow of the datadriven State

In societies perceived to be democratic we’ve got used to taking our human rights for granted, even though they are under an unprecedented threat. It exists in the ever-growing body of data-driven technologies and artificial intelligence in the administration of governance. This threat is often unnoticed, let alone questioned. The increasing information a-symmetry seems like a bargain in return for efficiency, security and comfort. But do we really know the price we pay? In this talk Tijmen Wisman explains why we need to challenge the naked power xercised by the state through data-driven technologies by defending our human rights.

TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Francesca Giardini

Francesca Giardini

Why reputations fail As an associate professor in sociology, Francesca is interested in understanding how gossip and reputation work. Reputation is ubiquitous. Individuals, groups, communities, companies and even countries have reputations. In the offline world, these are usually based on casual conversations about individuals’ choices and actions, i.e., gossip. Although reputations are thought to be an effective and inexpensive instrument to discriminate between bad and good partners in human societies, they often don’t completely line up with reality. Why do reputations fail? In this TEDx Talk, Francesca shares some possible explanations for these reputational failures.
TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Lora van Rijn

Lora van Rijn

Lora is a mother of three kids, works as a visual designer for a communication company and runs a website agency with her husband, and… oh yeah she’s deaf.

Lora has told us that when she meets hearing people, they will mostly pay attention to that last feature of her. And even weirder, they see it as a limitation.

Her whole life people look at her as someone who cannot hear. Personally she experiences herself as a vivid person who has the gift of speaking an intimate and personal language: Body Language. And now, she aims at sharing this gift by giving body language training in corporate settings. During her TEDx Talk, she will explain how everyone – both humans as well as animals – speak body language, but only few are aware of this.

We are very excited and hope you are too! If you didn’t get your tickets yet, here’s a reminder that you can still buy them by following the link down below!

TEDxBreda 2021 spreker Simran host

Simran Sejpal

Simran has many talents, and has developed some history with TEDxBreda. Back in 2018 she – at age 15 – did a Talk on the use of social media: “If we do not want to be a disgrace to the previous generation and set an example for the coming ones, then let’s start using social media wisely, because we can history.” Check out her complete TEDxTalk here.

In 2019 Simran enthusiastically became one of our volunteers at TEDxbreda as a volunteer. This year she will navigate you through the day! Next to watching TEDxTalks, Simran loves being surrounded in an international environment and connecting with new people. One of her greatest passions is giving back to her own and other communities. She’ll make sure that you are going to have a fun night with us!