TEDxBreda 2023 - WHY NOT

TEDxBreda 2023 - WHY NOT...

TEDxBreda returned in 2023 on the 5th of October at Nieuwe Veste! We dit not ask the question “Why?” but “Why not…”. WHY NOT… is a celebration of decisiveness, creativity and inspiration and harnasess the ability to step beyond the box and conventional barriers. 10 amazing speakers challenged us to push boundaries and embrace new ways of thinking. 


Desmond Boateng

Learn from people that don’t look and think like you

Büşra Yılmaz

Coloring Cityscapes with BIPV for a Sustainable Future

Tim van Leeuwerden

What we learn from Artificial Intelligence: Why AI can never replace the value of a classroom
Rachelle de Vries

Rachelle de Vries

Smell-e Technology: Harnessing the power of food smells to unlock the full potential of VR technology

Dianne Vugts

Re enable the disabled. Why Not ?

Ariën Kingma

Making mental health accessible

Duncan Buisman

Activating Sustainable Change

Moulsari Jain

Rest to Harvest: Redesigning work along the cycles of life

Naomi Rozalina King

The book of King: Find the spark to create your story.