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Meet our board

Gidi Jaegers

Gidi Jaegers

Gidi Jaegers is the treasurer within the organization and uses het vast network and experience in events to lift TEDxBreda to the next level. Besides being a board member, she produces business conferences, works as an entrepreneur in the events industry and is a local politician.

Iris Hertroijs

Iris Blue

Motivational speaker about resilience, personal power, trauma and sexual abuse. Founder of the Phoenix People Project and President of TEDxBreda. My role is to help guide the other teams to a successful TEDxBreda event and coach them where needed. Also I help with the visibility of the organization


Silvia Everaard-Joppen

Silvia Everaard is responsible for HR. She focusses mainly on recruitment, personal development, employee experience and diversity &inclusion. Besides her role as boardmember, she is an HR Advisor and as entrpreneur she has her own Italian wine business.