TEDxBreda held its first speaker´s workshop last April 4th, in the always welcoming Gimbrère Advocaten in Breda. During this first encounter, six of our speakers got to meet each other for the first time. The objective of this initial meeting was to learn about different methods to bring their message across to an audience and to carefully start sharpening their ideas worth sharing.

Elin Ram, chairman of TEDxBreda was in charge of welcoming all the participant and give an initial speech. Afterwards, during the introductory round, the speakers were so enthusiastic about each others ideas!

The coaches – Deborah, Hans and Ursula – shared with the participants, some advice on how to deal with difficult situations while they are on the TEDx stage. For example, most of the speakers recognized feeling insecure, if one person in the audience is not engaged in their talk and they were trying to please him/her without success.

Finally, the coaches listed the speaker’s needs related to the preparation of their TEDxTalk. For example, one of the speakers was wishing to grasp the audience through a catchy introduction, while another one wanted to make her story understandable for every spectator, and not just for the few who are familiar with her topic.

That is how the first speaker´s workshop concluded, with a short meet and greet between the speakers and some members of the TEDxBreda team. They left with lots of ideas and work to be done in the next few months while preparing their talk for the main event of TEDxBreda 2019