Triple the adventure and triple the fun with new additions to our TEDxBreda team. Today we meet Elin, Dayenne and Paula, the latest of our members. Their various backgrounds and aspirations are a great addition to an already ambitious gang. How’s their adventure gone so far and what are their expectations for this year’s event?

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, your passions and ambitions.
Dayenne: Hi, my name is Dayenne Koreman. I am 22 years old and I live in Raamsdonksveer. A small town near Breda. I love to run and currently I am practicing for the 21KM which I will run at Singelloop Breda. Besides I love travelling, cooking, visiting events and being together with family and friends. Last July I graduated from NHTV University of Applied Sciences and now I am the proud owner of my Bachelor’s Degree. I have studied Leisure Managements and I love to organize events, especially business events. Besides events I have gained a lot of Marketing experience. Next step is to find a challenging job where I can organize events and gain a lot of experience on offline and online marketing activities.

Paula: I’m Brazilian and I live in the Netherlands since last February. I’m 48 years old and I have graduated in Technologies and post-graduated in Administration and Project Management. The last 3 years I changed my employee life to an entrepreneur’s one: I opened a cake shop, which is still running with my oldest sister. My passion: to help people. My ambitions? To keep happy, now in a new country, with a new language and culture.

Elin: I am Elin Ram, a 20-year-old enthusiast who loves to learn more about the world and the people on it. I study Communication & Entertainment but beside that I have my own company in Photography, Communication & Advice called Perfect Imperfections (I am busy to specialize myself in Body language and Personal Branding). I want to learn as much as possible about as much as possible, you could say I am really curious ?

When did you first heard of TED talks and is there one talk that stuck with you throughout the years?
Dayenne: The first time I have heard about TED talks was in one of my lectures at NHTV. My lecturer was explaining about the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek. There is a very simple and good to understand TED talk about the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek and since that moment I am searching several times a week on Youtube to search for the most recent TED talks.

Paula: I first heard about TEDx in last April, when my boyfriend came home from an event in Amsterdam with de red TED book. Chris Anderson had a speech in this event. Not even a week later, I found the opportunity of a volunteer job for TEDx Breda!

Elin: I kinda grow up with it. Like I said I am very curious so if I want to know something I look it up. Ted Talks are an easy and interesting way to get information about a topic.

Is there a particular topic you’re currently interested in? (ex. psychology, technology, art, social studies etc.)
Dayenne: I am particularly interested in psychology. I have always been interested in the human mind and how we think and act. Probably because I am a Marketer and I am always wondering what people want and like.

Paula: At this moment I’m very interested on increasing my Dutch level, as well as my knowledge of Dutch culture, both in the social and in the corporate ways.

Elin: Yes! I loveee knowing and learning more about how the mind works, why people do what they do and how the body reacts on our emotions. So body language and psychology.

Why did you become part of the TEDxBreda team?
Dayenne: I saw an inspirational vacancy to become a team member of the TEDxBreda team. At that point I was almost graduated and I wanted to keep busy and do what I love. TEDxBreda could offer me the experience I wanted and I was sold in a minute. I still like it to be a team member of TEDxBreda and I am curious about what the future will bring.

Paula: I was looking for a volunteer job in order to practice Dutch and to increase my networking. And this opportunity fulfills not only this, but it gives me the chance to learn a bunch of new things and new people.

Elin: I want to get more experience in training people (teach them how to use their body when they are speaking) and storytelling (the way they tell things).

Which TEDx group are you part of and what are your responsibilities?
Dayenne: I am part of the Production group. Our responsibilities are various. We arrange the decoration on the event itself, we try to get more brand awareness by organizing side-events. Within the team I am responsible for the LED screems during the event at several points in Breda and I am taking care of the light in Mezz, the location where the event will be organized.

Paula: I’m part of the Production Team and I’m responsible for the decoration of the event.

Elin: I am in almost all of them, but the most of the time I am busy with the Program group. We search and train speakers and decide what’s going to happen at the event. Beside that I am going to manage two groups of Avans-Students, who are going to organize a TEDx Side-event where they will give their own TED Talk

What do you enjoy the most out of being a part of this event?
Dayenne: I enjoy to learn from everyone in the team. Everyone has different specialties which I can learn a lot from. Besides everyone is very ambitious and I love to work in an ambitious and inspirational environment.

Paula: Learning.

Elin: Being around and meeting people who are passionate and want to achieve something in their lives/work.

What’s make you all work well together?
Dayenne: In my opinion, the group works good togetter because it does not feel like work. Most of the meetings are organized with food and drinks, which makes it very cosy instead of a mandatory meeting.

Paula: In my point of view, and for the short time that I have been part of it, the willing of helping people is the most important connection between the members.

Elin: We have the same goal and are all pretty young.

How would you describe the rewards of the activities that we do?
Dayenne: I am not a team member for that long which makes it hard for me to answer this question.

Paula: Pleasure: helping people gives us a great pleasure and happiness.

Elin: I am looking forward to inspire people in a positive way. I want to make people happy and give them a great time. If we can accomplish that, I think that’s the biggest rewards you can have.

How do you think TEDx is influencing the cultural and social image of Breda?
Dayenne: I think it is influencing the culture and social image of Breda in a positive way. TED talks are very inspirational and mentioned for people who are eager to learn. If Breda will have the TEDx image, it will be a very good image for the Universities like NHTV and Avans. Besides Breda will have a more international image which will be good for tourism and for and inspirational environment.

Paula: Because I leave here for such a short time, I can’t have a very big view of the image of Breda, but from what I saw in TED website, I believe TEDx puts Breda in the world with even more power.

What are the 3 things that you would bring with you if you were strangled on a deserted island?
Dayenne: Surfboard, my bed… I should choose my boyfriend, but a dog would also be a very good companion ?

Paula: A big book, sunblock and my boyfriend.

Elin: A tablet on solar batteries with a lot of music, e-books and a camera on it. Sun protection, because of course it’s a beautiful tropical island and I am really pale (I am the kind of person that gets a sunburn in an airplane). A magic box that every time I open it, there is delicious food in it.

Gamification – this year’s theme: How did games or playfulness influence you? What’s your view on the topic?
Dayenne: I am not a person which played a lot of videogames. I used to play Sims, Donky Kong Racing, Mario and Pokemon. Of course on the Nintendo 63! I think gaming could be a very good tool to communicate about certain topics or to learn about things on a pleasant way. Besides you can use it during events to get a more informal atmosphere so visitors will communicate easier.

Paula: I find the topic very interesting regarding the theme, but I, myself, am not a game addict.

Elin: I believe life is a game. You have different levels and sometimes it gets pretty hard, but there is always a solution so you can move on.

Do you apply gamification techniques in your day to day life?
Dayenne: I love to play games like Kolonisten van Catan, Skip-bo, 30 seconds, etcetera. Just for fun.
Elin: Yes. Don’t give up that fast. Look for other solutions, look in and visit extraordinary places and try to enjoy it, don’t be afraid to talk to strangers because, who knows, they have some wonderful information.

Closing thoughts on the TEDx Breda 2016 edition?
Dayenne: I think the next event will be very inspirational, creative and fun to experience. You will meet all kind of people who will motivate and inspire you. I hope to see you their!
Paula: Work hard, make it a huge success.
Elin: Let’s make people happy!