Quantum theory says that an electron can be in two different places at once. But do you believe this? Does it bother you, and why?

It certainly did bother Einstein. For much of the 20th century, precisely this point was hotly debated among the greatest minds on the planet. Eventually, experiments left no doubt: we better get used to the wonderfully strange ideas of quantum theory.

In Lievens research, he goes beyond surprise and asks himself how to use quantum behavior for doing things that are otherwise impossible and how and when quantum mechanics may show up in your life.

Lieven Vandersypen

Lieven Vandersypen (Leuven, 1972) is a professor of Quantum Nanoscience at the Kavli Institute of NanoScience at TU Delft. Led by his fascination for quantum theory, he explores how to make use of quantum mechanics for creating new technology based on nanoscale devices. He studied in Leuven, Belgium, received a PhD degree from Stanford University in California. Lieven carried out his PhD research at the IBM Almaden Research Center, before moving to Delft in 2001. He became known for pioneering studies using the spin of electrons and atomic nuclei as quantum bits in prototype quantum computers.