Dundas Produkties has been a partner of TEDxBreda since 2018. For our event last year, they created an innovative and powerful opening show, linking it with the theme “Unlock your light”. It involved obviously an energetic sequence of lighting and dance on stage, which left our audience energized and eager to start with the talks! Check out here a recap of his show.

The company specializes in event marketing and live communication. They have various disciplines in-house, so they are able to show to the visitors of the events where they participate, things they have never experienced before.

We recently met with Jean Dundas, their Creative Director. He mentioned how impressed he is by the good vibe from all the volunteers of TEDxBreda, and also that it is great to take part in our next main event with his company. Of course, with their many years of experience in the field, they are really an added value for our event. 

Breda is where his company was established 20 years ago. Jean believes this is really a city that is intentionally or unintentionally able to hold a casual atmosphere. He also thinks  it is fantastic that a TEDx event is being organized in his city. He is very inspired on a personal and a professional level by people who speak from their passion.

Apart from their involvement with TEDxBreda, Dundas Produkties has participated in many other interesting events in the region. For example, they recently decided with MK2 / Kinly to start creating great activities for conferences as a team.

The show of Dundas Produkties during TEDxBreda 2019 is still in the making. Their creative team is busy thinking how to give to the visitors of our main event, an experience that makes the theme of this year “Imagine Reality” really come alive. While we were chatting, Jean was already talking about all sort of ideas to show something really unique for TEDxBreda visitors. We are really curious and excited!