The strive for perfection inspires musicians, writers and other artists to create the most beautiful works of art. At least that’s what they expect from it. While they struggle, adjust, and procrastinate, the uncompleted ideas pile up. Until deadlines, realism or feedback convince them to lower the bar, and that’s how works of art are born.

The most famous, most successful and most productive artists are those who learned to overcome the urge to amaze themselves, and have come to terms with the limits of their talents. But what beauty is hidden for the public, stacked up in shoeboxes, computer folders and notebooks, labeled “ideas”? Amir Swaab decided to explore the secret world of unfinished business, where the most personal fears, most ambitious challenges and most desperate feelings wait for the final touch that might never be given. He invited artists of different disciplines to bring some of their uncompleted works to the stage, in his “onvoltooide zondagmiddag”. He will tell you what he learned from it and will play some of his own incomplete pieces.

Regarding Amir Swaab

Amir Swaab (38) is a multi-genre, multi-instrument and multi-discipline artist. He started his professional musical career as a bar pianist in an Amsterdam restaurant at the age of 16. He played and toured with many singers, musicians, big bands, cover bands, musicals, pop bands, theatre groups, jazz combo’s and solo, as a pianist, accordionist, guitarist, composer, songwriter, musical director, arranger, teacher, and even as a rapper and a roady. He composes music for television, movies and theatre and works as session musician. He writes prose and poetry, and has a passion for foreign languages and science.