This TEDx Talk is about a new culture, a specific idea of how to connect the differences between people in order to connect individuals. This is what Manuela Kalsky calls the “WE-culture”.

Manuela Kalsky was born and bred in Germany and started her studies in theology at Marburg University. At the age of 23 she went to Amsterdam to continue her studies at the University of Amsterdam for one year. But things went slightly different. Nowadays she has a Dutch passport and is a professor of Theology and Society at VU University in Amsterdam, and the director of the theological research centre of the Dutch Dominicans ( In this capacity she co-founded the successful multimedia website, a project to build bridges between people of different religious and cultural backgrounds. As a German in the Netherlands, she knows how it feels to be ‘the other’. She is committed to a ‘new we’ which sees differences between people not just as a burden but also as enrichment. After all, she is able to look at the Netherlands with German eyes and at Germany with Dutch eyes.

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