During last year’s TEDxBreda, Frédérique van den Boomen showed us the added value of music. Frédérique fell in love with the music and how it makes us vibrate. And with her fascinating musical talk, she won last year’s TEDx Awards. How’s her life been after she stepped off the TEDxBreda stage?

So how was your life and career influenced after you went off the TedX stage?

After my TEDxTalk I felt so much adrenaline. I’m glad that I took the chance, to be on stage for a lot of people. Not as a musician, but as a speaker. I am convinced that my TEDx talk helped me to become less nervous and more confident. For example, my final oral exam at school. I wasn’t nervous, because I believed in what I was saying.

When did you first heard of TED talks? Do you have a favorite?

The first time I heard of TED talks, was in college. I have seen a lot of TED talks, but I really like the TED talk of Amy Cuddy about how body language shapes who you are. I still remember her quote: Fake it, till you become it.

How do you see the relationship between TedX and the city of Breda?

I think TedX has a positive influence on Breda. It’s always a good idea to spread the word and inspire other people, or let them think or smile. I think TedX is an added value for Breda.

How and why did you attend TedxBreda?

I’ve read about TEDxBreda Award and about the theme. As a singer songwriter and a pianist, I wrote my opinion about the theme. It was a spontaneous idea to attend TEDxBreda, just to inspire people with my opinion. I never thought I would win the TEDxBreda Award and that I had to do my TEDtalk in Mezz Breda for a lot of people.

What can you tell us about preparing for the talk?

First I’ve read a lot of articles about the theme of TEDxBreda. What was my opinion about the vacancy of stores? And how could I inspire others? I began to write, and I came up with the idea that I needed to add singing. I think music is one of my strengths, so I practiced my TED talk for a few people and they have given me good advice. Be spontaneous and just remember the story that you want to tell. Don’t stop, when you forget the words that you’ve written before. It doesn’t matter, just enjoy and breathe. So I did, and it was all worth it.

How did it feel standing on the TEDx stage?

It was very cool to stand on the TEDx stage as the youngest speaker. In the beginning I was a bit nervous, but after a while I only could enjoy of the audience and the stage. The red dot that I’ve only seen in videos was suddenly there. It made me happy and proud that I could stand on it that day.

Atmosphere wise, how would you describe the vibe in the room?

The TEDx atmosphere is really good. Everybody is very kind and wish you all the best. Just for that day, it felt like we were family. Yes, I really liked the atmosphere!

What was the first thought you had after going off that stage?

‘O my god, that was the scariest and the coolest thing that I’ve ever done!’

How did your presence at the event influence your cause?

It gave me more confidence, and that is the best thing that had influence.

Locally and internationally – how do you think your talk inspired people?

I don’t know. I hope I’ve inspired people with my story and with my music.

Would you do it again? What would you change?

Yes, I would do it again. I like to challenge myself. What would I change? Hmm… I guess I wouldn’t, because I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made that moment. I like to surprise and entertain people. So the next time, I would love to do that again.

What’s next for you, what are your current and future ambitions?

This year I graduated as a Leisure Manager at the NHTV in Breda. I’m very proud that I’ve finished my education, so that I can become what I want. At the moment I’m applying for a job. I like to work in the (live) entertainment and events industry. I like to take the initiative and getting things done. I love to make people happy, and besides I still want to be a musician in the future. Maybe with my own theatre concert, who knows… 

Do you have any suggestions regarding our future speakers?


How can we improve TedXBreda?

I don’t know, I think TedXBreda is always improving. Maybe a little reunion after the TEDxBreda with the speakers? Ideas worth spreading.

What do you think of this year’s theme – Gamification a.k.a. ‘Pause. Reload. Game on’?

I think it’s a powerful theme. When we are young, we learn to play. But after a few years, we lose our creativity. So, I think it is a very interesting theme!

16. What is your view on play as part of life?

Don’t forget to play, because it makes you happy.

Thank you for your insight and let us know how people can get in touch with you for future projects?

You’re welcome! Website: www.frederiquevdboomen.nl / www.facebook.com/frederiquevdboomen