As a social psychologist and entrepreneur, Jerre Maas stepped on last year’s TEDxBreda stage with one belief: sharing is the key to making dreams into a reality. Let’s find out how his life was influenced after he went off the stage last November.

When did you first heard of TED talks? Do you have a favorite?

I would say a long time ago. I love the Simon Sinek talks, although they are a bit over- and misused in the world of marketing. Therefore I would have to go for Sir Ken Robinson’s talk. Surprising and right from the heart.

How do you see the relationship between TedX and the city of Breda?

Breda is a city full of ideas. TEDx has the power to give a stage to these ideas and brig them to the world.

How and why did you attend TedxBreda?

I have been invited as a speaker by Menno; an invite I loved to accept!

What can you tell us about preparing for the talk?

Normally I just go on stage and ‘do my thing’. This time I almost ‘over-prepared’. I had to warn myself I had to stay pure and not become a ‘robot-presenter’.

How did it feel standing on the TEDx stage?

It was exciting. The audience was the best audience I could imagina. I felt welcome right away. And I was very happy that they enthusiastically joined the exercise / assignment in my talk.

Atmosphere wise, how would you describe the vibe in the room?

One word; positive!

What was the first thought you had after going off that stage?

Time for a beer!

How did your presence at the event influence your cause?

I had some great conversations with people about sharing ideas. Having the video enables me to share my thoughts and ideas more easily.

Locally and internationally – how do you think your talk inspired people?

I hope – but am not sure though – that some people started to share their ideas more openly.

Would you do it again? What would you change?

Yes, but than a talk that goes more into depth. This time it was an exercise wrapped in a talk. Next time I would like to share more in depth thoughts on idea creation and idea realisation.

What’s next for you, what are your current and future ambitions?

Currently I am working on developing some new platforms, where people can share their ideas and opinions on, for example, training sessions and speakers.

Do you have any suggestions regarding our future speakers?

Yes; please make sure that you have ‘unknown’ talent. Don’t chase after ‘big names’, make sure that you have these persons that are unknown to the world and use this podium not for themselver, but for their ideas.

How can we improve TedXBreda?

Make sure that the room if filled with even more people!

What do you think of this year’s theme – Gamification a.k.a. ‘Pause. Reload. Game on’?

I personally think gamificiation is over-hyped and used by commercial parties to improve their sales. Make sure people talk about their ideas and believes, not about their companies.

What is your view on play as part of life?

Play is one of the most important ingredients to be able to learn. You can’t learn by watching Powerpoint Slides, you can only learn by experience and by doing.

Thank you for your insight and let us know how people can get in touch with you for future projects?

Just contact me directly at