Raimke is a Breda-based animtation filmmaker and teacher. During her presentation at last year’s TEDxBreda, she made a great point out of embracing your clumsiness instead of being afraid of living an awkward life. What was her TEDx experience and how is she doing almost a year after her talk?

Hi Raimke! We are curious to find out how your talk changed your life and in what ways?

My life changed at the moment that was asked if I would like to give a talk at TEDxBreda. At that point I wondered in what field I was an expert. I’m an okay animation filmmaker, but no expert if I compare my work to let’s say Pixar standards. So I realized that my strength is in a whole different field…  being clumsy and really open about that. I didn’t know any experts in the field of ‘clumsiness’, so that’s what I decided to aim for. But I couldn’t call myself ‘expert’ just like that, ‘experts’ write books about their field of expertise. That’s what I had to do, write a book before getting on the TEDxBreda stage. 

But as life goes, I couldn’t finish my book before my TEDxBreda talk. The reason? I got pregnant and really tired. But I did clime the TEDx stage with my pregnant belly. A month after TEDxBreda my daughter was born, which was a big change in my life. And almost nine month later my book is finished. I hope that I can help more people and in special starting entrepreneurs to open up about their insecurities and failures, so that other can learn from that. 

That is wonderful news, congratulations! Speaking of TED talks, when did you first heard of them and do you have a favorite?

I’ve been to the first two TEDxBreda editions. I in generally love every talk in which the speaker is really honest about the challenges they faced. Brené Brown’s talk is amazing and well known. But I also loved the TEDxBreda talk from Paul de Blot, which was so personal, funny and vulnerable.

How do you view and bond between TEDx and the city of Breda?

TEDxBreda a really nice event that fits the event-minded city of Breda. It’s nice to see that educational institutes are really involved with the event. And that the event gives speakers from around Breda the opportunity to share their inspiring stories on stage.

What was your motivation for attending TedxBreda?

The first time I attended TEDxBreda was because I wanted to get inspired. Not only by talks, but also by meeting these amazing free-minded people that attent to events like this. The next time I attended for the atmosphere, the energy, inspiration and amazing conversations. I always felt that TEDxBreda is a great way to really connect with others.

What can you tell us about preparing for the talk?

I prepared for almost a year. Not only actively but in my subconscious the talk was always present. When I finally had my story straight, the finetuning was an ongoing proces. Till the day of the talk I made small changes and timing. 

How did it feel standing on the TEDx stage?

It was an amazing experience. My preparations paid of and nothing big went wrong. I felt really energized by the audience, that was great.

What can you tell us about the atmosphere in the room?

Curious, happy and really open for inspiration. 

What was the first thought you had after going off that stage?

Wooohoooo, that was awesome!

How do you think your talk influenced you?

It really gave me the feeling that I was on to something. A new mission in my life and inspiration for my book-in-the-making.

Locally and internationally, how you think your talk inspired people?

I’ve got some great reactions from the audience and later from people that saw the talk on internet. Funny enough people related to my clumsiness and started to share their own clumsy and awkward stories. It’s a big compliment if people dare to share their personal stories with me. 

Would you do it again? What would you change about it?

I would definitely do it again. I’m feeling okay about my talk. The only thing I can think of, is that I wanted to share so much, that a next time I would zoom in on just one situation, instead of three. 

What’s next for you, what are your current and future projects?

Talking on the TEDx stage is really addictive. I would love to be on stage more talking about my expertise (or/and book). It would be nice to create a movement that encourages people to share their own awkward and clumsy stories, so that other can learn from them. Also I would like to start a platform for starting creative entrepreneurs to guide them on their journey, but that’s a longterm goal.

Do you have any suggestions regarding our future speakers?

Nope, it was a great combination of inspiring people from different backgrounds. It’s nice to see that some of them came from Breda and others from far away. Maybe next time don’t try to get a famous name, that isn’t honored by being invited.

How can we improve TEDxBreda?

Get more people enthusiastic and more audience (less sponsored audience that doesn’t show up).

What do you think of this year’s theme – Gamification a.k.a. ‘Pause. Reload. Game on’?

Love it!!!

Thank you for your insight and let us know how people can get in touch with you for future projects?

By mail, social media, phone or my website www.raimke.com.