Jonathan de Rijk is a proud production team member and enthusiastic event manager. How does he bond along with the rest of the TEDx players and what is he looking forward to for the 2016 TEDxBreda edition?

Hi Jonathan, tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m Jonathan de Rijk, I’m 30 years old and I’ve studied Leisure Management at NHTV. I love organizing events, jazz music en DIY projects. My ambition is to work in the eventmanagement field.

How did you find out about TED talks and do you have a favorite one to quote?

Many years ago I saw my first TED talk, I couldn’t tell you which one it was. But the one that stuck with me for years was Simon Sinek – The golden circle.

Are you interested in any particular TED topic?

The fast evolving possibilities in technology is something that really interest me, not only smarter appliances but the integration of all technological possibilities together. Also know as the internet of things.

Why choose to become part of the TEDxBreda team?

I love organizing events, and what is cooler then organizing something that inspired me many times? So that was enough for me to become part of the TEDxBreda team.

TEDx is composed of various groups, collaborating within the same fireframe. What group are you part of and what does that involve?

The main group I work in is production. We organize the actual event, we arrange the catering, location, decoration and everything that’s necessary for a flawless event. Besides the production group, I help the resources group where ever I can, with meetings with potential partners and/or sponsors.

What do you enjoy the most out of being part of the team?

The accomplishments you can achieve with a good team and a good collaboration.

Tell us a bit about TEDx as a group. How do you guys and galls work together for the event preparation?

What makes it a great group is the diversity and the will to make it a great and inspiring event.

How would you describe the rewards of the activities that we do?

Learning and getting inspired by the talks as well as organizing a beautiful event that makes happy.

How do you think TEDx is influencing the cultural and social image of Breda?

I think TEDx is an added value for the city. It gives a stage for people to inspire others and gives the opportunity to get enriched. I think it’s a positive influence for entrepreneurship and motivation for people to get involved in their neighborhood/city.

What are the three things that you would bring with you if you were strangled on a deserted island?

Swiss army knife, something-to-light-a-fire, food.

Gamification – this year’s theme: How did games or playfulness influence you? What’s your view on the topic?

Life is a game, and that’s how I see it. Don’t take it all too seriously and enjoy what you’re doing. This doesn’t mean you can’t have serious moments and that you mustn’t behave. But I always try to see things positive and if something is boring to do, I try to make it fun.

What is your favorite game (boardgame, video game, hunger game, mind game)?

The boardgame Keezen.

Closing thoughts on the TEDx Breda 2016 edition?

I’m very enthousiastic, where really trying to make it a memorable experience and I hope the speakers are inspiring and fun to listen to.