In the theatre of Orion Lyceum students told their ideas of social media and communication in a few inspiring talks. The winner – Simran Sejpal – is the third candidate who is in the running for a Speaker spot at TEDxBreda on the 12th of April.

The third – and last – Learning Session of this year took place in the theatre of Orion Lyceum. On the 2nd of March four enthusiastic students of Orion Lyceum and International School Breda were excited to give their talks. The theme of this session was social media & communication.  Does social media makes us unsocial? What are the positive and negative effects of social media? How do students experience social media? What do they advise others?

Be aware of the world around you
After the opening by the director of the lyceum, the host of the Learning Session – Bob Derx – announced the first speaker. This is Luana Stocker, a student at International School Breda. Her experiences with social media are positive (communication is faster than ever), but also negative (peer-pressure to react quickly is high). Her lesson is: be aware of the world around you, don’t only look into the world of social media.

3 seconds for a first impression
The next student is Merel Schouten, a student at Orion Lyceum. She inspired us with a talk about Thin slicing. This term means making very quick inferences about the state, characteristics or details of an individual with minimal information. A first impression of someone new is mostly made within 3 seconds, and based on attitude, body odor, body language and facial expression.

Real friends matter
After this inspiring talk Femke Betermans took over. She told the audience about her research of the positive and negative sides of social media. Her conclusion: I rather have 5 good friends who really like me for who I am, than a 1000 followers which I never actually met.

It’s all up to you: take your phone down
Last but not least, the talk of Simran Sejpal. She explained the difference between the negative news of journalist and positive news of social media.  According to Simran is all up to you. It’s your own fault if you choose to play with your phone, rather than talking to your family and friends. So, the negative effects of social media are in your own control.

The winner is…
The three-headed jury consisted of Deborah van den Bos (Speaking Happens), Monique de Bie (teacher at Orion Lyceum) and Elin Ram (head of program at TEDxBreda). The jury’s criteria were: content of the talk, the sparkle in the eyes of the speakers and the effect of the talk on the public.  And the winner is….Simran Sejpal! According to the jury her talk was extremely professional and her personal touches made her talk fascinating.

Contest: a spot on TEDxBreda
Simran Sejpal is the winner of this edition. She will participate in the online contest for ‘Main Speaker’ with the other two Learning Session winners. Be sure to follow our Facebook-account to vote!