Working in a team is always satisfying and often, it can even be fun. TEDxBreda will take place tomorrow and all of us players are working hard in putting together the best event possible. Today we are at the MEZZ, assembling the stage, blowing-up balloons and pep-talking speakers.

TEDxBreda sets the bar high for local events. The volunteer teams have been working hard all day, doing sound checks, testing the video, and practicing the talks so that tomorrow everything goes well. Since early on in the morning the volunteers have already arrived and there is a high level of activity as everyone finds their teams and their duties for the day.

Kimberley Boom gave everyone encouragement about the event and the responsibilities. We are not just behind the scenes, we are are part of the scene. While we discuss the technical issues behind the setting up of the livestreaming, the tech crew is putting the final touches on the video and audio, making sure that everything will be perfect. Everyone is excited and active. People are moving chairs, setting up clouds in the air, preparing drinks, assembling and disassembling screws and bolts. It does give a certain level of satisfaction realising how we are all working towards the great, common goal of making TEDxBreda an absolutely great event.

Speakers are off stage, on stage, discussing the events that led to this day. Menno is preparing the speakers. He’s great with people and this shows in his way of addressing the event with great and definite infections enthusiasm.