Avans University of Applied Sciences is not only a sponsor of TEDxBreda, but has also organized a TEDxAvansUniversity for the first time this year. Enough reasons to have a conversation with Ricardo Abdoel, dean of the Academy of Engineering and ICT.

Avans is a knowledge institution and Ricardo believes that you can get knowledge anywhere. That’s why he is very fond of TED’s purpose “Ideas worth spreading”.

How did Ricardo experience the first TEDxAvansUniversity? “I think it’s a very inspiring platform, which I would like to expand further within Avans. I am very proud of our students and would like to give them even more exposure to realize their ambitions to contribute to a better world driven by their own experiences.” Ricardo believes it is almost a moral duty to participate in an event that inspires people and also takes the human aspect into consideration.

This year’s TEDxBreda theme is “Imagine Reality”. This theme fits in perfectly with Ricardo. His life philosophy is: “Realization is the creation of imagination”. He believes that many people pursue short-term goals while life goals should be leading. Ricardo calls for a more slow down culture; “Sometimes we go too fast and we forget ourselves. It can help us to take some distance. This allows other things to come on our way, so we can make better choices”. A recent example in Ricardo’s own life was the career move to Avans. While on a sabbatical and not planning to work, he was approached for a job at Avans that suited him exactly. He broke off his sabbatical and now enjoys his innovative work at Avans. Ricardo has a tip for us; “Think about what your dreams are,  in what kind of world you would like to live in, look for your talent and become very good at it!” We see each other 2 October at TEDxBreda.