We want to get to know new people, exchange information, ideas, thoughts. And that’s what TEDx is about: sharing ideas and meaningful conversations to change the world, one video at a time. So when you find yourself in a situation that requires more than just a pleasant atmosphere, here are some examples that will surely pop-up into your mind:

1. Apollo Robbins: Art of misdirection

Filmed June 2013 at TEDGlobal 2013

Getting someone’s attention and setting human behavior from an unexpected perspective: pick-pocketing. As a gentleman thief, Apollo Robbins makes me wonder what we’d do if we could control someone’s attention. Attention is the gateway to the mind, isn’t it. Owning ones attention controls that person for the given moment and alters their reality. Did you pay attention?

2. Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

Filmed July 2009 at TEDGlobal 2009

An ad man’s view on our perception on value – you already know it’s going to be funny and quirky. I am a believer of perceptual philosophy. We differ by the nature of our perceptual experiences and cognitive processes. My reality is obviously different that another reality but how does perceptual technology and impulse really shape our reality? Do we even have a choice when it comes to our determined behavior? It got me thinking of the Pet Rock campaign, a great example for perceptual marketing.

3. Joshua Klein: The intelligence of crows

Filmed March 2008 at TED2008

So supposedly some crows are as intelligent as a 7 year old child. So here we are with millions of intelligent birds flying around, birds that could be used in our favor. Joshua Klein shapes the behavior of a group of crows and realizes that their intelligence could be beneficial for us on the long-term. Basically, he got crows into recycling.

4. Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music

Filmed February 2008 at TED2008

On right, I know, this is a classic. Nonetheless, an inspiring talk to the last sentence. If you’re in the grateful need of closure, follow this talk. It made me understand Chopin like I’ve never did before. Benjamin Zander delivered more than a talk on how everyone should appreciate classical music, he used the healing power of sound to cast a spell on us. It made the audience feel, reconnect and reconsider their actions or words, even for a couple of minutes. Such a great escape.

5. Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games

Filmed June 2012 at TEDxCHUV

As an ode to the benefits of gaming, this talk will mostly resonate with people who have tackled with this time-consuming hobby. Until recently, people have been somewhat biased towards the surprising fact that video game time can actually improve our focus, conflict solving and multitasking. As an avid gamer, I have to admit that gaming helped me in my professional life (from mastering the keyboard to attention to detail and mental-math) so I am content that there is actually some data behind it.