On February 8 the speakers workshop took place for the speakers of TEDxBreda 2018. This marks the official start of the coaching period for our speakers! Our partner Speaking Happens helps our speakers during these workshops and coaching sessions to communicate their Ideas Worth Spreading even more powerfully and inspiringly.

Arold Langeveld, presentation coach and owner of Speaking Happens: “Deborah, Tessa and I got a good first impression from the speakers. Authentic, colorful people who can share their ideas with enthusiasm. With some, the story was not quite rounded yet, but that is precisely why we are involved. A sincere desire to share a message was visible from everyone and that is a fantastic starting point. We have, among other things, worked on keeping yourself visible; how do you do that? Or is it mainly a matter of not doing something? I was surprised by the courage that the speakers showed to get in touch with the audience; their co-speakers.”

Arold continues: “I expect that in the coming weeks we will achieve a great deal by streamlining the content, through amongst other things, making the core message lead when determining the content. “Less is more” for many speakers in this phase. The getting rid of excessive information at a detailed level ultimately pays back in a clear, convincing talk with inspirational power.”

A speaker, who will be announced later, said after participating in the workshop: “You look, feel, see, know and connect. I thought that was wonderful to experience, and whatever happens: I have already been moved. Things are moving, I look forward to the coming weeks. ”

And this speaker is not the only one looking forward to this! Next week the ticket sale of TEDxBreda 2018 starts, do you see our speakers shining soon? Make sure you are there!