Possibly the moment with the greatest vibe, Volkan Tasdan gave a great talk on revolutionizing teaching methods through a new perspective – love! He´s not just adding another ¨brick in the wall¨ – his enthusiasm was contagious enough to engage the audience in an actual massive hug session by the end of the talk. Now that is how an TEDx event should be! I dare think that the world would be a better place in the future if Volkan would be our teacher. It has been a year since he was up on the TEDx stage and we are curious to find out how he has been doing since.

Thank you for answering our call. Such a great last year, possibly one of the best. How has your life been influenced by TEDx?

For 3 years I was already teaching my students how important a phenomenon like TEDx could be for their knowledge and creativity. My environment was doubting my philosophy. I was teaching them how to pitch, I was watching videos every period, and now, after my presence, people started to get enthusiastic. Newspapers, the radio and old friends called me for different reasons. Still, every month someone contacts me with questions about my talk.

When did you first heard of TED talks? Do you have a favorite?
I think all TED talks are amazing. Everyone has a story, a question, frustration, humor, stories that are never told. Everybody is unique! But also the unknown ‘TED talks’are my favorite… the talks on the streets, of people that do not get the opportunity to get on stage. Listening to them inspires me a lot.

How and why did you attend TEDxxBreda?
My students finish their TEDx projects with a talk. A few of them got a lot of attention on social media. They were invited for TEDx Youth. Because people were curious about the teacher, I started to have contact with people that were involved in TEDx Breda.

What can you tell us about preparing for the talk?
My talk was emotional. So I did not really wrote a structural story. I knew what I wanted to tell the people, and I had a lot of short stories, coming together in the end with the same conclusion. So the preparation was more based on feeling than something structural.

How did it feel standing on the TEDx stage?
I cannot describe that feeling. It is something you need to experience. It’s better than amazing.

What can you tell us about the atmosphere in the room that evening?
Warm, pure and honest. Everybody was there with the same goal; inspiration and contact.

What was the first thought you had after going off that stage?
I was praying that people were feeling the same as I did. The importance of love, the problems in education. I was hoping that my story was clear enough.

How did your presence at the event influence your cause?
My presence upgraded my cause.

Locally and internationally – how do you think your talk inspired people?
I really don’t know. If I inspired 1 person, is also a huge step for me. I think globally and act locally… if I inspired the right person, it will reach more.

Would you do it again? What would you change?
Yes of course. I would change nothing… maybe another Bob Marley song…

What’s next for you, what are your current and future ambitions?
Because of my TEDx adventure, I will enlarge the TEDx part of my students in the curriculum. I also want to be more active in the TEDx organization, I need to find out how to do that.

Do you have any suggestions regarding our future speakers?
That it is important to tell the story that is written on your heart… Something that only you feel. Use the stage to spread the magic by letting us feel the same. That’s only possible by being yourself.

How can we improve TEDxBreda?
Invite more people! I don’t know how to answer this question, because TEDxBreda was really awesome.

What do you think of this year’s theme – Gamification a.k.a. ‘Pause. Reload. Game on’?
The first thing i thought was; “Please invite me once again!” what an a-ma-zing theme!

What is your view on play as part of life?
Stop being busy with “game over”. Focus on the level up!

Thank you for your insight and let us know how people can get in touch with you for future projects? 
If I can be someone’s student to become a better teacher, or if I can be someones teacher how to love more, please send me an email:  VTASDAN@RSGRIJKS.nl