Why learning is broken and how to fix it | Loren Roosendaal | TEDxBreda

Finally someone is breaking-down the science behind how we learn while effectively saving lives. Loren Roosendaal uses know-how and technology from the games industry to solve serious problems, founding several companies that apply the power of games to help people train and learn. His unique game-like learning experiences help save the lives of rescue crews, […]

Immunotherapy: breaking down cancer’s defences | Lenneke Cornelissen | TEDxBreda

Why are immune cells able to kill viruses and bacteria but not cancer cells? Lenneke Cornelissen researches how cancer cells are able to evade the body’s immune attack. With her obtained knowledge, we might be able to cure more cancer patients in the future with immunotherapy. Lenneke Cornelissen is a talented, young researcher on cancer […]

What music is in your name? | Bram Stadhouders | TEDxBreda

In this talk Bram Stadhouders shares his insight into making his music really his own and how he prepares to be unprepared. Bram Stadhouders (1987, Netherlands) has continued to refine and deepen his musical signature over the years. He is being considered as one of the leading young improvisers and composers in Europe. Stadhouders’ music […]

A place of stillness | Simone Awhina | TEDxBreda

Simone Awhina is a singer and sound healer from The Netherlands. Her sounds invite to go inward and embrace a place of stillness. At TEDxBreda 2015 silence even had a unexpected way of adding to her performance. Or was it planned? Simone Awhina is a singer and sound healer from The Netherlands. This talk was […]

The upgraded nerd | Leon Winkler | TEDxBreda 2016

By leveraging his nerdiness, he made his dreams come true while himself remaining true and humble to himself and learned from your mistakes. You are your own character to develop. Keep on playing! Leon Winkler started sculpting his career at age 16 as a waiter, transitioned to bartender, event manager and DJ. The money he […]

A piece of worthlessness | Pavèl van Houten | TEDxBreda 2016

About how to be surprised by your own ability to see something beautiful in something you would normally throw in the bin. The worth of worthlessness. He studied Graphic Design at the School of Arts in Utrecht, formerly Audio Visual at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and a Master of Fine Arts the Sandberg Institute. In […]