Carpooling for goods | Arnoud van Werkhoven | TEDxBreda

Why wasn’t there an easy to use system to let new online purchase hitch a ride with entrepreneurs already on the road? Wouldn’t it be much more efficient if the vehicles of these entrepreneurs would be used to bring along stuff of third parties? Back in 2009, Arnoud van Werkhoven asked himself why so many […]

Life Part II | Lisette Poncin & Bram Verheijen | TEDxBreda

The best decision ever is to share with one another. The path of rituals, goals and preparing students for new cultures. Lisette is a mother of three and loves to travel and likes a challenge. Bram is a physics teacher at a highschool and married to the daughter of Lisette.

Learn the formula of resilience | Sierd Nutma | TEDxBreda 2016

The ability to learn from life-lessons and to bend these lessons into something of added value. Learn the formula of mental resilience and get better, stronger and happier than ever! Sierd Nutma is a speaker, trainer and author in the field of mental resilience. He trains teams, leaders and top athletes and helps develop targeted […]

Moving deeper into yoga | Itai Ivtzan | TEDxBreda 2016

Yoga is getting more and more popular in the western world. But is that way of practicing yoga still in line with where yoga comes from? Dr. Itai Ivtzan is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality. He is a positive psychologist, senior lecturer, and program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) […]

Mathematics is fighting world hunger | Niels de Bresser | TEDxBreda 2016

Using math to solve the world’s humanitarian biggest logistical challenge of food distribution. This requires complex mathematical techniques to tackle these problems. Despite his age, he loves solving puzzles to the fullest extent. Whether it’s a small jigsaw puzzles with his little niece, or the world’s humanitarian biggest logistical challenge of food distribution, he happily […]