Your dream for a place to sleep | Marleen Hoftijzer | TEDxBreda 2016

We all have dreams. Although they can feel impossible, sometimes all you need is someone to help you achieve them. She learned a lot from the travels she made since she was 13 without her parents. Marleen works as a professional photographer and likes to tell stories about the people during her trips. Sometimes she […]

Downsize your life to downsize your stress | Esther Stoel | TEDxBreda 2016

The answer to downsizing your stress is downsizing your life. Learn to be vulnarable and enjoy what you have Esther Stoel is a creative and innovative entrepreneur. Starting at a very young age she pursued her passion and wanted her own design agency. In 2013 she founded PerQua, currently a design agency for catering and […]

Playing with technology | Pepijn Rijnbout | TEDxBreda

A research about relations between system design of play objects and the dynamics of play of children. Pepijn will tell how decentralized technology can be an inspiration to design for free forms of play. Technology and design play an important role in his life. From my early years on he developed an interest in the […]

The Blockchain Revolution: From Organisations to Organism | Matan Field | TEDxBreda 2016

The blockchain revolution and Decentralized Autonomous Organisations as a new form of life! Matan Field is a blockchain researcher and entrepreneur. While researching String Theories in the academy, he has discovered the blockchain at the end of 2013 and founded LaZooz, a decentralized ride-sharing network. Later Matan has founded Backfeed to develop the protocol basis […]

Magical influence | Jan Reinder van Kammen | TEDxBreda 2016

Without knowing it, you are tangible for impressions from outside. Learn how to take back control! Jan is an illusionist, mentalist and creative thinker. He had his own TV series in the Netherlands, has wowed celebrities all over the world, from The Prince of Monaco to Chris Rock in Hollywood and the Queen of Holland […]

Reducing overfishing by improving the fish itself | Kasper Janssen | TEDxBreda 2016

How can selective breeding contribute to more sustainble fish production? Kasper Janssen has always been passionate about aquatic life. In his work he aims to make aquaculture a better alternative to fisheries. His current PhD research at Wageningen University is part of a large project to advance breeding programs in European aquaculture to the next […]