Speakers TEDxBreda 2021 main event

After many successful editions of TEDxBreda, we are back this year with a new event. With a large team of volunteers, we have managed to produce an interesting event that you don’t want to miss out on. Our event will be held on November 4th, 2021 at Mezz, Breda. It will take place from 15:30h […]

Revealing New Horizons – tickets

revealing new horizons logo TedxBreda 2021

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, we are inviting you all to the main event of TEDxBreda on November 4th! Building on previous successful editions of TEDxBreda, we gathered speakers from a variety of fields to share their ideas in thought provoking Talks. Not only do we have 10 speakers lined up for you, […]

Does the quantum theory bother you?

Quantum theory says that an electron can be in two different places at once. But do you believe this? Does it bother you, and why? It certainly did bother Einstein. For much of the 20th century, precisely this point was hotly debated among the greatest minds on the planet. Eventually, experiments left no doubt: we […]

Who needs the real world?

Vincent van der Noort is a mathematician. Often, the abundance of mathematics in school curricula is motivated by referring to the incredible effectiveness of math as a tool to understand or even control the real world. Vincent however, will use his experience in mathematics to spread a thought worth spreading diagonally opposed to this, but […]

Embrance perfection

The strive for perfection inspires musicians, writers and other artists to create the most beautiful works of art. At least that’s what they expect from it. While they struggle, adjust, and procrastinate, the uncompleted ideas pile up. Until deadlines, realism or feedback convince them to lower the bar, and that’s how works of art are […]

Jules Evans speaks about how philosophy can save your life

When Jules Evans was in his late teens, he started to be plagued by panic attacks, mood swings and other emotional problems. He eventually found help in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He went to interview the inventors of CBT, and discovered they were directly inspired by ancient Greek philosophy. This started him […]