Vivienne van Oosterum – “Bringing people together makes us strong – “Interview with the TEDxBreda Players

Meet Vivienne – A creativity-meets-organising powerhouse, established horse rider and an endless seeker of knowledge. Also a member of the groups behind organising this years’ event. How are her multifaceted skills applied to the upcoming TEDx2016? Hi Vivienne, how’s it going? We’re curious to find out a bit about yourself, your ambitions and passions.  Hi, my name is […]

Interview Alexandra Smith – “Giving a TEDx-talk is a dream come true”

We start our interview series with Alexandra Smith, model, actrice, coach, ZZP ambassador and overall super-woman. Her book, 100 dagen dankbaarheid (which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to everyone who needs a motivational boost), is an anthem to perseverance, self-value and discipline, spiced up by humor and personal insight. What is Alexandra up to these days and how […]

Kevin Weijers – How his 2015 TEDx talk influenced his life and cause

Kevin Weijers delivered one of the most hands-on approach talks during the 2015 edition of TEDxBreda. His ultimate goal is to improve productivity, which also comes with improving your way of life. And to do so, Kevin put his brilliant idea into practice: delivering 50 presentations in 15 weeks. Let’s hear it from the man […]

TEDxBreda 2016 theme – Pause, Reload & Game on!

Drumroll please… We are excited to share with you the theme for this year’s TEDxBreda: Pause, Reload & Game on! The concept behind the theme is gamification, or applying elements of game playing (point scoring, competition with others and rules of play) to non-gaming elements, such as inspiration, technological design or everyday life. Through this notion […]

How I experienced TEDxBreda

When I woke up yesterday it was still dark. After a short but deep night of sleep I was all charged up for the day which I had envisioned 1,5 year ago. This day was the result of a meeting in May 2014. Daniëlle Dietz, Menno van Rosmalen and me met for the first time to share our aspiritions of […]