Learning Session #3: social media is a good thing, or not…

In the theatre of Orion Lyceum students told their ideas of social media and communication in a few inspiring talks. The winner – Simran Sejpal – is the third candidate who is in the running for a Speaker spot at TEDxBreda on the 12th of April. The third – and last – Learning Session of […]

TEDxBreda 2018 – Unlock your Light

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, we are inviting you all to our annual TEDxBreda conference on the 12th of April! Building on last year’s success of TEDxBreda, our successful Pitch Night and the Learning Sessions, we gathered speakers from a variety of fields to share their ideas in thought provoking talks. Not only […]

Speakers workshop Speaking Happens

On February 8 the speakers workshop took place for the speakers of TEDxBreda 2018. This marks the official start of the coaching period for our speakers! Our partner Speaking Happens helps our speakers during these workshops and coaching sessions to communicate their Ideas Worth Spreading even more powerfully and inspiringly. Arold Langeveld, presentation coach and owner of […]

TEDxBreda is also well capable of ‘pitching’ ;)

Wednesday the 31th of January our partner Gimbrère Breda (Facebook: @gimbrere.advocaten) organised another of their own ‘pitch nights’, named: “Pitching on stage: The way to succes” in the intimicy of their own little theater. This night, Jaap Korteweg (chosen as EY Emerging Entrepeneur of the Year) of De Vegetarische Slager gave an inspiring presentation about […]

How being different can make a difference

Tuesday afternoon the 27th of February, TEDxBreda had another inspiring Learning Session. This time, the TEDx-event took place at the municipality of Breda.  While the speakers of the last Learning Session at Avans spoke about the social impact of social media, today’s speakers took another approach on what’s social. They all confirmed that acting on […]

Why learning is broken and how to fix it | Loren Roosendaal | TEDxBreda

Finally someone is breaking-down the science behind how we learn while effectively saving lives. Loren Roosendaal uses know-how and technology from the games industry to solve serious problems, founding several companies that apply the power of games to help people train and learn. His unique game-like learning experiences help save the lives of rescue crews, […]